Wednesday, January 7, 2009

World 1st Air Rifle Postal Competition

As already announced MAAC will represent Malta in the 1st World Air Rifle Postal Competition that will take place between March and November 2009.

The MAAC ARBR match scheduled on 1st February 2009 and results from 2008 will be used to define 3 teams of 3 shooters each and a number of individual shooters that will take part in this competition. After the teams will be selected we will select the equipment that is too be used and in conformity to the regulations. Then we plan the shooting days for each team. Each shooter in the team will shoot 3 cards with bench rotation on the same day. The individuals will shoot also on a planned day 3 cards with bench rotation.

Below find the general rules for the world postal.
All other specific rules are those we use in ERABSF.

Rules of the Air Rifle World Postal 2009


Distance 25 meters

3 Targets Unlimited Match at 15 ft/lb Muzzle velocity.

Outdoor- Only Shooter and Benches may be covered

Minimum of Three Shooters for a Team Score to qualify

Mandatory Bench Rotation

Scheduled Matches to be held between March and November


Unlimited Rifle – Shoulder fired design

Cannot Attach Rifle to Rest or Rest to Bench

Rail &/or Machine guns are Not Permitted

Rifle specification:

Unlimited Air Rifle Class - is any .177 - .20 - .22 caliber air rifle having a safe

manually and mechanically operated firing mechanism, with no weight limit. Any

air regulator can be used as long as it is integral within the air cylinder. Any

modification may be made to the rifle and any magnification scope may be

used. Factory stock or stocks that meet ‘Stock Clarification’ rules may be used.

Return to battery shall NOT be permitted. Muzzle brakes, muzzle flips, barrel

weights or Harmonic Tuners are permitted. There is no restriction on cylinder size

or capacity as long as 20.34 Joules or 15-ft/lb. maximum power is retained and

it is integral within the rifle. (Separate Air Cylinders are not allowed the cylinder

must be part of the rifle). Testing of air rifles via use of a chronograph will need to

be done by match directors to ensure maximum power restrictions above –

records of tested rifles will need to be kept for checks/ clarification. The match

director has authority not to allow any rifle over the specified power limits to

ensure fairness through the competition.


WRABF 25 meters target, UKBR 22 25 yard target,

Best edge Scoring - cut central ring for 10, obliterate for 10 X

All Targets Scored for Total, X counts & “First Miss”


Maximum 3 Teams – Each Country – 3 Shooters per Team plus an Alternate.

Substitutions will be permitted under extraordinary circumstances

Teams Must Pre Register One Month in advance, but not later than September.

Countries 3 Teams do not have to shoot in the same Match. But the 3 team

members of the same team must shoot in the same Match.

Individuals do not need to pre register.

Individuals must shoot in a Scheduled match to qualify.


A Shooter can only shoot on one team.

A Team Shooters team score goes into the Individual Standings.

If an Individual shoots in more than one registered match the first matches score

is used in the Individual Standings.

The Scoring Program is required to score all matches.

Email results must be submitted within 3 days of match.

General benchrest shooting rules will apply were it is not covered under these



All countries/associations must announce before March 09 the shooting ranges

and date of where the shoot will takes place. Teams must be registered 30 days

before the competition. Individuals can enter on the day of the competition. It is

preferred that Nationals, State, Provincials competitions be used for the world

postal championship, but this is not essential if small teams are being entered by

countries starting out in air rifle BR – this should be declared at entry. See entry

and declaration forms.


Top 3 teams will qualify for medals.

Top 3 individuals will qualify for medals.

Top 10 individuals will qualify for certificates.

Entry fee:

Free. Not defined yet.

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