Thursday, January 8, 2009


The Weapons Board has adopted new procedures for the recommendation of applicants for Target Shooter Licences A and B.

Henceforth the WB shall carry out exams which will test applicants’ knowledge of their legal obligations as well as safe firearms handling. These exams shall be held every fortnight.

Note: We have just learned of this new procedure that will effect all new applications from the Maltashootingsports forum.

I as the club chairman simply do not agree with this decision, because it rules out TS-B (air gun). Some weeks ago the WB sent us a course out line, just headings that are orientated towards TS-A license and not TS-B.

The post was originated by Steve Petroni who is a member of the WB. Thus I have given my opinion in the forum towards this decision, in terms of reference to those interested in TS-B only. As a club I expect that now that the WB has issued this new procedure, I exepct them to supply us with the full course contents that we need to provide to our new members, who want only TS-B airgun license.

We have a course planned for the 18th January 2009 . In view of this development all of those new members who applied for the course are remined still to attend on the planned date. However please be aware that we might issue other instructions in the comming week.

Stanley Shaw

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