Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Air Pistol Dynamic Shooting

May we remind all those interested in Air Pistol Dynamic Shooting (APDS) that we have set up a permanent APDS Qualifier Training zone. This area if available to anyone who wishes to practice the APDS qualifying stage. (Download APDS Qualifier Stage Document).

We recommend that those intending to compete in APDS later on this year to start getting their grips and gear for the this event. All competitors who intend to participate APDS must pass the APDS Qualifier before being allowed to participate in the scheduled competitions.

We aim to start with the qualifications in February and March, this will allow us to prepare demo stages in April and May so that one can start getting the grips of this new event. The rules can be downloaded from this link or from our downloads page. The dates when the official qualifiers are accepted will be communicated soon.

So what are you waiting for ? Download the Qualifier Document and start practicing it NOW!!!.

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