Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Membership, Insurance & TS-B licence renewal.

May we remind those persons that did not yet pay the 2009 membership to settle this as soon as possible with our secretary Mr.James Bugeja. Please note that as from 10th of February 2009, we will consider those who did not pay MAAC membership as non MAAC members thus will be subject to the conditions of non members, this includes range fee charges, competition entry fees and other restrictions. See details here. The proof of membership is the 2009 MAAC ID card that is given to each paid up member. MAAC ID card must be always carried when visiting VSR.

A persons shooting at VSR must have an insurance policy. This can be either bought directly from MAAC (through AACTS at Euro 11) or directly from any other club you might be member of. Once your insurance policy is available and you are an MAAC member make a copy and submit it to our secretary Mr. James Bugeja. Members or non members without a renewed insurance policy for 2009 will not be allowed inside VSR after the 10 th February 2009.

Target Shooter B License Renewal.
According to the information obtained the Target Shooter Licences renewals at your local police station will start to be accepted from mid January 2009. Please note that we will not accept any member or non member at VSR without a re-newed 2009 TS-B license after the 1o th February 2009. MAAC members who renew their TS-B 2009 licnece must make a copy and submit it to our secretary Mr. James Bugeja.

Note to all members and non members visiting VSR.
Always keep a copy of your TS-B license and Insurance Policy in a folder along with your kit bag when visiting the range. Always bring your club ID card.

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