Tuesday, January 6, 2009

MAAC Member Classification System will start from 2009

MAAC will start with a classification system for its members taking part in competitive events.
The classification system is required to measure the skill of our club members against other shooters from around the world that practice the same sport. The classification system will be used for the following air rifle disciplines, Air Rifle Field Target , Air Rifle Bench Rest and MAAC HFT. We will be using the international classification methods used in FT, HFT and BR.

The grading details are obviously intended to those members who choose to participate in competitions. We will not grade any members that do not want to compete but shoot for fun.
An MAAC Grading page will be added to our website later on this month. There will not be any grading for Air Pistol Steel Plate Challenge or Air Pistol Dynamic Shooting at least for 2009.
Below you find the details for each type of classification that will be used.

Air Rifle Bench Rest.

Below you find the basic table used for classification.
> Novice : 209 or lower score
> Marksman : 210 to 219 score
> Sharpshooter : 220 to 229 score
> Expert : 230 to 239 score
> Master : 240 to 245 score
> Grand Master : 246 to 250 score
> Ultimate Grand Mater : 250 /25 x

MAAC has 4 MAAC ARBR Matches scheduled for 2009.
There are two separate classes hence there will be two separate classifications one for each class.
The shooters will be listed according to the class in which they participate .
The Points gained in each different match are updated after the match per class.
The Grade Status will change after each match in which they participate, this is the average points according to the participated matches excluding missed matches.
The Grade Status at the end of the season will reflect the skill level acquired by the shooter in his class according to the number of matches he participated in.

In ARBR we have two classes for 2009.
Standard AR < 15ftlbs
Unlimited AR > 15ftlb

Air Rifle Field Target and Hunter Field Target Classification.

The highest score of the day is awarded 100% and all other scores are graded as a percentage of the best score. Lets say that out of 30 the highest score is 20, this now becomes the benchmark scoring 100%, so another competitor with a score of 10 is awarded 50%, and 5 would be 25%.

At the end of the season, all MAAC members are graded based on their average excluding missed matches.

An average of over 80% gets you an AA grade.

70% is A.

55% is B

Everyone else is C grade.

Recently D grade has been introduced for those new to the sport or have yet to record a score.

Everyone enters the system as grade D and depending on your performance during the previous season can progress through to AA grade.

The grades are updated after each match.

For 2009 MAAC has 4 FT and 4 HFT matches. Grading is done per class of air rifle.

In FT MAAC has two classes Recoil Class <> 15ftlbs.

In HFT Open Class and Recoil Class.

Grading Why ?
> Grading gives the opportunity to the shooter to compare himself and his progress in the sport with other shooters locally and world wide.

> With grading a shooter can identify the shooting sports in which he/she have better chances of success.

> With Shooters Grading the MAAC committee is able to make the right selections of shooters to participate in postal or international events if the possibility arises. Please note that MAAC will not just look at the skill level but also on attendance and other aspects of the shooter. So grading is just a part of a final decision.

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