Monday, January 5, 2009

Clarification - Time to take Shot in ARFT.

In the FT rules the time to take a shot is defined as follows.
Time per Shot:
A). The Match Director and/or Marshal may impose a time limit per lane or per target either before or during a match.
B). The timing may start when the airgun is shouldered, when the shooter addresses the lane (i.e. sits down) or as specified by the Match Director.
C). Shots not executed within the time limit will be scored as misses.

This is described officially from the American FT rules. We will be applying this sequence as follows. The MAAC ARFT rule book will be emended as follows.
This will be communicated in the safety briefing next Sunday.

1. MAAC will impose a time limit of 2 minutes per target.
2. The timing will start when the shooter shoulders the rifle and addresses his eye to the scope.
3. Shots not executed within the time limit will be scored as misses.

NOTE we will not take the time by means of a stop watch for each shooters no one does that.
The shooter must take care of his own timing.
However RCOs will observe the shooters, and if they notice that a shooter or shooters are taking longer then the average 2 minutes, then we will clock time them.

For this session ONLY.
1. First we will issue a warning to the shooter.
2. On subsequent non compliance we will start applying the miss score.


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