Friday, February 4, 2011

World WFTF 2011 - Italy

The WFTF World registrations are now open. Those who are interested to join and participate in the WFTF worlds are to contact me personally. At the moment Italy is restricting the limit of 8 members from each RGB. There is some concern regarding this as some countries are opposing to the limit. Anyway until this is settled we need to provide a maximum of 8 interested members.

We have allowance for 5 shooters in the PCP team and 3 shooters in Spring Team.
According to the information I have we need to reserve not later the 11th February 2011.
Registration total is Euro 125 including

a. Registration Fee
b. Thursday Dinner.
c. Gala Dinner .
d. Food After Competition.

For More Information visit

This year our aim is to go as a group.
Approximate Estimated BASIC Costs for attending WFTF Worlds in Italy 2011.
Departure Date 1st September 2011
Return Date 5th September 2011
Competition Dates : 2nd - 3rd - 4th September 2011

Cost of Registration : E 60
Dinner Thursday / Gala Dinner / Food after competition (organized by Field Target Italia) : E 65
Hotel Rate based on Field Target Italia for tripple room : Euro 90/3 (Euro 30 X 4 nights) : E120
Flight Air Malta to Milan : Euro 140

Total Euro 385 *
(This excludes - Air Rifle Transportation , Transfer from Airport to Vicenza Velo di Astico and back to airport, other food / drink expences , Transportation in Vicenza. Insurance)

A rough approximate will be around Euro 800 per person.


Expense breakdown.


Air Malta Flight KM0658 Monday 29th August 2011 Departure MLT – VERONA 13:15 – 15:10

Air Malta Flight KM0659 Monday 5th September 2011 Arrival Verona – MLT 16:00 - 17:50

Price 138.45 including Taxes per person.

sports Baggage charge for carry of weapons is 20

Total 158.45


Registration 60

Thursday Dinner 20

Gala Dinner 30

Food after Competition 15 * Optional.

Total 125


Single Room with breakfast 60/per day * 6 days = 360

Total : 360


Will be sponsored by MAAC approximate 400 euro for 4 seat MPV.

Basic total for each shooter is 643 * (Lm275)

*Estimated Lm 375 total.

*Not to including dinner or other recreational expences.