Wednesday, June 23, 2010

MAAC - Target Shooter A license holders.

The Victoria Shooters Range is now officially licensed to operate. This means that fire arm shooting pistol and revolver plus rim fire pistol, rifle and carbines can be organized.

MAAC is not responsible for the Fire Arm ranges but as a club with members who also hold a valid Target Shooter A license we can book slots or set up competitions in prior accordance with the Range Operator.

For this reason we would like to set up a minimum of 3 MAAC teams that can train and participate in events that are either set up by Victoria Shooters Range or any other event that is organized but other clubs in terms of fire arms.

Each team will be composed of 6 shooters for a start.The teams will be as follows.

IDPA / IPSC team : 6 shooters (Pistols / Revolvers / Shotgun / Rifle according to IDPA / IPSC specifications)

Benchrest Rim Fire ( 0.22LR) : Team A (3 members) Team B (3 members) bolt action long rifles in 0.22LR format.
Mini Rifle (0.22LR) : 6 members for Black Rifle variants (example GSG-5 or GSG-AK) :

Anyone interested please email please indicate for which team is your interest and what equipment you currently own for that particular entry.

NOTE: MAAC main focus will ALWAYS be on Air Rifles , Airsoft and Paintball however it would be also a good idea to have our teams participating in other events. We know that our members have other interest in shooting so lets support them.