Thursday, April 8, 2010

Malta Field Target Nationals.- 8th & 9th May 2010.

Dear FT shooters,

The climax of this years FT competitions is now very near. On Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th May 2010, MAAC will organise for the 1st time the Malta Field Target Nationals 2010.
This is not the usual FT Open Competition I can personally assure you. This competition is base on two full days of shooting, were by our shooters will be experiencing the type of shooting that one will encounter during the WFTF Worlds. This competition requires not just preparation of which I know most of you made huge sacrifices to improve your skills and equipment but also need serious commitment from all club members irrespective of competing or not. The exact details will be issued soon as next Monday 12th April 2010 the MAAC committee will meet and discuss and conclude the set up of this event and also the set up of the Bench Rest Nationals coming soon after this event.

We must stress the following statement.
This competition is called Malta FT Nationals meaning that any shooter from any club in Malta is invited to participate in these events. MAAC is the governing body for WFTF in Malta and this is our commitment to WFTF to lead by example, irrespective of any ideas that might pop up from our decision. We took WFTF representation to make available this discipline to all those who want to practice it seriously irrespective of being a member of MAAC or not. Of course it is more then logic that MAAC will take care of its members that will always be the case.

These Nationals will rank and qualify the participants. During 3 days of shooting each competitor in both classes PCP (12ftlbs) and Springer (12ftlbs) must engage a total of 180 knock down targets according to WFTF Core rules. A minimum average score point system will be calculated to yield out the best shooters that can represent Malta in this years WFTF 2010 Worlds in Hungary. MAAC is trying to reach out for aid to assist as much as possible shooters members of MAAC who qualify to represent Malta in Hungary. However MAAC is sponsoring the two shooter in PCP and the top shooter in Spring with a free Air Ticket to Hungary as prise for this event.

We understand that not all members are interested in competition but I suggest to all of you to give try even for fun. I understand also that many of you have been preparing yourself for this event in terms of skills and equipment and this is the time to reach your goal. For those members who are not interested to compete for various reasons or other have other interests in the club, MAAC would like them to give out a helping hand in the organization of this event.
We require help for the success and fairness of this event. Anyone who would like to join the activity crew please let me know ASAP , I wish to see some new faces.

With regards to the competitors i stressed on the commitment to participate in this event. If you are really into it keep 8th and 9th May Free. Family and friend activities are being planned for the evening so they will not miss u so much :) . The participants must start to register the registration date and fee will be issued soon.

Keep checking out our news section for information releases.

Stanley Shaw
MAAC Chairman