Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year to All MAAC members.

On behalf of MAAC committee I would like to give my best wishes to all of our members and to those who visit our website from all over the world.

In the recent months we have notices some decline in members participation during FT, HFT and BR competitions. We understand that every one has his own personal priorities. I myself also encounter this problem some times but we notice that some members opt not to take active part in competitions for the simple fact that some members might have better equipment. This is an invalid reason, equipment can help but its not all.

The simple fact that one opts not to participate will create a problem to MAAC Sport Commission to increase classes withing its competitions. The more participants the MAAC is encouraged to spread classes withing these sporting disciplines. MAAC targets to represent Malta again in 3 different events during 2010, for this reason members are encouraged to participate, train and compete. Selections will obviously be done according to our selection criteria. If one still opts to stay out there is no way he or she can ever qualify or rank for a selection. We are not forcing any member to participate its up to you. I suggest to you all to get out of that shell and give it a try. By the end of this month MAAC will hold its 1st Annual General Meeting for all its members in both Airgun Group, Airsoft Group and the Paintball Group that was recently formed. The meeting date and place will be communicated to all of you soon. We will explain the vision of MAAC and the upcoming projects.

I strongly beehive that MAAC remains a voluntary based club which mean that all members should give a helping hand and collaborate with the leadership. Unfortunately there were instances were some members pretended or pretend MAAC to do miracles. MAAC did miracles since its opening thanks to the work of those members in the committee and those who supported them, however there is a limit one can do unless more members take active part in the running of the club.

Next Sunday 10th January 2010 we have our first activity for 2010, this is an FT open competition. We would like to see you there and take this challenge and let us start to gain momentum again. Soon VSR will start hosting shooting, this will bring towards the range more people, let us be a show case. Fire Arm shooting is great however Airgunning is also fun and more viable so its an opportunity to attract more people especially young people towards these disciplines.

Best wishes to all of you and your families.
Stanley Shaw