Thursday, April 23, 2009

MAAC HFT Open Match - Sunday 26th April 2006

Next Sundays HFT Match will be composed of 15 targets set at random between 10 and 40 meters. Each target will be shot 2 times according to the position indicated in the score sheet hence a total of 30 targets will be shot during the match.
You can download the score sheet by clicking on this link.

Points awarded as as follows.
Target Knocked down - 2 points.
Face Plate hit but target not knocked - 1 point
Target missed - 0 points.

Please note that in HFT one cannot alter the scope magnification or parallax to range find the target. Sitting shots are not allowed in HFT. The sitting cushion used for FT can be used in kneeling shots but under the knee as a knee cap. Here is a link for an interesting and informative article by Tim Finley that was published in the April edition of Target Shooter e-magazine.
Tim explaines the basic fundamentals in the shooting positions allowed or banned in both FT and HFT disciplines. We suggest that you read the article together with the HFT rules.

The course set up will be taking place Sunday 26th April 2009 before the match. We will start laying out the course round about 6.30am by 7.30 this will be complete. From 7.30 till 8.15 am there will be zeroing time avaialbe and shooter registration. The Match Starts at 8.30 am sharp with the Safety Briefing. Entry Fee is Euro 8.00 adult members and Euro 4 under 18's. The match is OPEN, this means that competitors are free to use either PCP's or Spring air rifles.
1 x entry is allowed - members and non members.

See u next sunday...p.s. wind force should be SE 5>6 (19-31 mph) Temp 18 Deg C and Rather Cloudy...nice !