Wednesday, April 22, 2009

MAAC Activities for MAY

For your information.

3rd May 2009 - ERABSF Air Rifle Bench Rest - Two Classes - Under 15ftlbs and HP.
10th May 2009 - Airgun Safety and Introduction Course ( ASIC ) for Target Shooter License -B.
15th May 2009 - OFF SCHEDULE - Air Rifle Field Target competition sub 15 ftlbs - OPEN.
24th May 2009 - WRABSF - World Air Rifle Bench Rest Postal Match - (MEMBERS that qualified Only*) Sub 15ftlbs.

Team A

Wayne Galea.
Dr. Mario Spiteri
David Giardina

Team B
Ruth Gauci
Kris Debattista
Gordon Gouder

Team C
Danny Gatt
Rene Scorfna
Stanley Shaw

Individuals will replace team members in order of rank shown below if team members are missing:

Dr. Paul Soler
Eric Camilleri
James Bugeja
Anton Grima
Robert Aquilina
Carlos Scorfna.