Tuesday, March 24, 2009

MAAC Air Rifle Field Target Layout - 5th April 2009

Above you can find the layout for 5th April 2009 MAAC Air Rifle Field Target Match.
The match is 30 shots in 2 rounds of 15 targets.This is a new layout approach whereby 30% of the target will be set as positional targets. Here you have to shoot standing or sitting as instructed according to the round. All other target are freestyle meaning you can choose to shoot either in sitting or prone positions.

The competition is OPEN which means you can shoot with any type of air rifle you wish PCP or spring. There will not be different classes in an OPEN match, so its up to you which air rifle to shoot. Those MAAC members who would like to shoot Spring or PCP will be allowed only if time permits.

The highest score obtained by an MAAC member shooting two different air rifles will be eligible for top 3 shooters of the day. If the air rifles are of different classes i.e. spring and pcp the scores will be entered in the separate grading charts. If both rifles are of the same class only the highest score will be entered in the grading chart.

See you ...