Monday, March 23, 2009

First Aid Course by St.John Ambulance

Dear Member,
MAAC would like to invite two of our members to take an extensive First Aid course. Course fee will be paid by MAAC. Anyone interested to become and official MAAC First Aider please do not hesitate to contact me on 99406506 not later then 31st March 2009, so that we can make the necessary arrangements. Below please find the details.
Best regards
Stanley Shaw

St John Ambulance is offering first aid courses in the Valletta Head Quarters and also in the Paola-Tarxien Section which is located next to the playing field (behind the Christ the King Parish Church) in Paola. The outline of the course is as follows:
Unit 1 Duration 2 hours
Welcome, Course objective and methodology, Task of a First Aider, Incident Management, Casualty Management.
Unit 2 Duration 2 hours
Primary Survey for priorities, Secondary Survey, Recovery Position.
Unit 3 Duration 2 hours
Actions on adults, children, babies with no breathing: Giving CPR
Unit 4 Duration 2 ½ hours
Shock (condition when casualty looses a lot of body fluids, like in the case of bleeding), External Bleeding, Dressings and Bandages.
Unit 5 Duration 2 hours
Bandaging & CPR revision. Disorders of the Airway and Breathing.
Unit 6 Duration 2 hours
Fainting, Heart Attack, Angina, Anaphylactic Shock, Internal Bleeding, Amputations
Unit 7 Duration 2 hours
Epileptic Fits, Diabetes, Poisoning, Heat Exhaustion, Heat stroke, Burns and Scalds
Unit 8 Duration 2 hours
Injuries to the muscles, joints and bones. Revision session.
Unit 9 Duration 2 ½ hours
Every condition tackled will be dealt with by first knowing the possible causes. Secondly, the First Aider must be able to recognize the condition before the treatment is finally administered. In the 9th session an assessment is done in order to justify the issuing of an official certificate which declares the holder as being a qualified first aider for the following three years, after which we recommend a revision course to keep the certificate active.

Location: St. John Ambulance
Paola/Tarxien Division
Block B, Flat2, Govt Buildings, Sisters Street, PAOLA.

Date and Time: Starting mid-April, once weekly on Tuesdays OR Thursdays (6:00pm)
OR Saturdays (at 9:00am).

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