Friday, November 28, 2008

UKAHFT Approves ammended rules for Malta.

MAAC as you all know will conduct its first HFT ever on Sunday 14th December 2008.
This will be conducted with the rules that were put together by MAAC for that event.
However with the affiliation of MAAC with UKAHFT it is important that the rules that will be used on the 14th December 2008 will be scrapped after the event.

It is important to start utilizing the UKAHFT rules. As you all know enough in the UK a 12 ftlb air rifle is the limit one can purchase without requiring an FAC license. However in Malta the situation is different since we need a license whatever is the power of the air gun. Thus if we had to follow 100% the rules their will be only few persons who can take part in HFT. We wanted to inform UKAHFT about this and we want to stick to their rules as much as possible so that we start on the right foot.

For this reason the UKAHFT rule book was emended to customise it for Malta. A copy of the customised rule book was sent to UKAHFT Mr. Pete Dutton. Mr. Pete Dutton and Mr.Pete Sparkes approved our custom version that will be used in Malta. Thus we have now published the rule book for all of you to download and study :) .

These rules will come into effect in 2009. For the time being there are no planned dates for HFT but definitley we will include at least 3 competitions spread trough out the year.
So what are you waiting for