Sunday, November 30, 2008

MAAC - APDS introduction course.

MAAC would like to thank all those numerous members and non members who showed interest in the Air Pistol Dynamic Shooting Introduction Course held today at the Victoria Shooter Range. The course gave an introduction and a preview of what is to be expected in APDS. The Shooters were introduced to basic equipment, rules of APDS and of MAAC Plans how to start-up the event in 2009. The course is not obligatory to start APDS how ever we suggest that anyone who missed it to contact us a.s.a.p.

As from next week MAAC will set up 2 qualifier stages at VSR for the convenience of those members and non members who wish to start practicing the qualification stages. The APDS qualifier stage and desorption will be posted in this web site tomorrow ( 1st December 2008) so that each and every member can start working on the required drills to pass the qualifier. In the mean time you can already download the complete APDS rule book.

For the time being the qualifiers will be shot on steel targets then around end of January 2009 we will start with our first qualifier test, followed by training stages for one to start practicing and getting familiar to the game. Later, on the 21st June 2009 we will have our 1st APDS competitive event. Thus if you start now, by June you will have gained substential knowlage about APDS.

NOTE : Before an member or non member can participate in APDS competitions or training stages he/she must pass the qualifier stage.

You can download the complete set of APDS rules : LINK
You can download the qualifier sheet and layout : LINK
(Note these and other MAAC documents can be downloaded from MAAC Downloads page directly)

For the time being concentrate on the qualifier training. If any member or non member wishes more information please do not hesitate to contact me directly or other members of MAAC. I would like also to thank Mr. Steve Farrugia for his input and excellent demonstration of the APDS qualifiers a VSR today. I would also like to thank Mr. Mark Cassar for his input to APDS who unfortunately due to Range Officer duty at Safi for AACTS today could not attend.

Stanley Shaw