Friday, August 5, 2011

2011-2012 Field Target Season.

This next FT season will see some changes and will be conducted according to the NEW MAAC FT Core Rules that was just finalized this week. MAAC FT Core Rules

The season will be composed of MAAC FT league and MAAC FT Nationals.

League Matches.
There will be a number of FT Competitions (6+) as part of the league series.
Each Match will be logged and each competitor score will be recorded. The best 6 scores will be added to decide the 2011-2012 league winner on the last Match. This is to give every one the possibility to participate even if cannot attend all the Matches.

For each match the competitor will also be graded and an average grade will be automatically settled upon 6 matches irrespective of the number of matches the shooter attended.
The gradings are as follows :
Grade A shooters 80% Plus
Grade B shooters 70 - 79 %
Grade C shooter 60 - 69%
Grade D shooter up to 59%

Grading is required to promote better this sport and give chance to every one.
Because if the number of entries to a competition are adequate then prices can be set for grades and classes. Each Competition will have 2 standard classes PCP and Spring, other classes can be included.

The Nationals will be the peak of the MAAC FT season, this will be set on 2 or 3 matches that can be done in separate weekends. For one to qualify for the Malta team 2012, he/she must have at least took part in 3 league matches during the year. Others who did not participate this minimum may participate but only for the price and not the Malta Team Colors. The National Scores plus the best 3 scores from the League will be added for the TOP 5 Ranking irrespective of entry class.

The season competition schedule will be published in September and competitions will start in October 2011.