Monday, May 16, 2011

MAAC Paintball - MOPL tournament

MAAC Paintball will organize the first Malta Official Paintball League.
This will be a 1 day league as a trial with 8 , 5 men teams in aid of Puttinu Cares.

The tournament will take place at the Extreme Paintball Range in Ta'Qali of Saturday 25th June 2011.

Each team entry fee is Euro 175 or Euro 35 per individual which will include all the equipment for players not owning any paintball equipment and minimum grantee of 8 games.
The kit includes :

Paintball full head mask.
Neck protector

Each team will be also given 2500 rounds of paint. Extra paint can be pre ordered at a special discount rate of Euro 60 per box of 2000 on team registration. Extra paint will be available on the field at Euro 75 per box of 2000 or Euro 20 for 500.

The tournament is open to team and individuals. Any one interested and do not have a team of 5 friends may register and we will couple you in teams. Age 18 + if no TS-B available then must sign forms as presented by Extreme Paintball Commercial Range.

Shooters that have their own equipment must have a TS-B shooter license and show that the marker is registered. All private Markers and Extreme Paintball Markers will be chronoed and must confirm the speed limit of 280ft/s .

The tournament will kick off a 9am and all registered players must be at location around 8am.
The estimated time to finish is 18:00 hrs. Food and Drinks will be available at the venue. General public and members of MAAC are invited to attend even if not to participate.

The aim is to attract people into this sport but in the same time to help out with Puttinu Cares campaign.

For more information please call 99445817 or 99406506.