Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Information regarding MAAC activity program 2011.

Some Important Information to all members and non members.

Field Target Matches .
  • The FT Matches planned for 2011 are 4.
  • These are stand alone matches and the scores will not influence ranking or qualifications for the WFTF Worlds selection for Italy 2011 which will take place in Vicenza between the 2nd and 4th September 2011.
  • We have introduced a new Class, this is intended for members who have not previously competed in WFTF Worlds or HFT Worlds. This is intended to give opportunity to new shooters to get confidence and improve their ability.
  • We will be limiting FT to 12ftlbs ONLY.
  • Shooters will be allowed ONLY ONE class entry.
  • The WFTF Worlds selection will take place in June 2011 (date will be issued later). To participate in the WFTF Worlds Selection you need to participate in at least 5 MAAC competitions of which 3 FT as minimum and 2 others BR or HFT.
For these stand alone Matches we have the flowing classes:

1. PCP (sub 12ftlbs)
2. Springer (sub 12ftlbs)
3. New Shooters Class ( PCP/Springer sub 12ftlbs for shooters that did not participate in WFTF Worlds.)

HFT Matches

  • For HFT Matches we have the following classes. However MAAC reserves the right to keep on hold the Open High Power PCP / Spring class if there are unforseen problems.
  • Shooters may enter in both classes however the rifle must be within the class specification, a low powers air rifle cannot participate in a High Power Class.
1. Open PCP / Spring (sub 12ftlbs)
2. Open PCP / Spring ( High Power )

Bench Rest
  • In bench rest we offer 3 classes as shown below.
  • Shooters can enter in any class with appropriate rifle specifications.

1. PCP (sub 15ftlbs) 25M
2. PCP (HP) 50M
3. Spring (any Power) 15M

Competition Entry Fees.
  • For MAAC members the entry is Euro 6 per competition.
  • If the MAAC shooter has a multiple entry Euro 3 will be charged for any additional entry.
  • For Non - MAAC members who wish to participate the entry fee is Euro 8 per entry.
  • In the NON MAAC member has a multiple entry Euro 4 will be charged for any additional entry.
  • MAAC is officially open every Sunday from 07.00am till 12:00, at the Victoria Shooters Range limits of tal-Handaq.
  • MAAC members pay a range fee of Euro 2 and can stay at the range until VSR is closed.
  • Non MAAC members will pay a range fee of Euro 5 and are allowed to stay until 12.00 unless there is an agreement.
  • Shooters are allowed to use MAAC knock down targets, benches and br target holders .
  • Shooters are allowed to bring their own targets however these must not be fringable targets and must be cleared off the range once used.