Friday, November 12, 2010

MAAC to Transfer from VSR to Hal Far Shooting Range.

Dear Members,

As you are all aware of MAAC was literally grounded to to a halt with the latest developments at the Victoria Shooters Range. The area that was for quite some years being enjoyed by air rifle enthusiasts is now out of bounds for target shooting practice. Despite that the VSR Management tried to offer us an alternative this is neither good nor practical for our club to continue functioning correctly. The area provided temporally was to small and impractical to continue our FT/HFT and BR sporting activities.

However with the help of some members talk were started with Hal Far shooting range some months ago. These talks resulted in Hal Far Management to assign an area for Air Rifles withing their grounds. In addition to this also an area where airsoft and paintball can be practiced.
Applications were placed. We have now been granted the adhoc permit for next Sunday event and we are waiting confirmation for the permanent permit. This means that once the permanent is released, MAAC can start to function once again and as a complete club.

In the next few weeks MAAC committee together with the representatives of the Airgun, Airsoft and Paintball sections will work out on layouts of the assigned areas and an activity program that will commence as from January 2011. We need to get the ball rolling in all activities ASAP but also in a more organised manner. We lost valuable time and events, but we can recover in time for the WFTF Worlds that will be held in ITALY Vicenza from the 2nd till 4th September 2011.
I wish to see a strong Malta contingent going to ITALY in 2011, WFTF Worlds cannot be closer than that, so start planning it from now!.

The Airgun section will coordinate the assigned area for air rifle FT /HFT and BR shooting.
Airsoft and Paintball sections will coordinate the assigned area for this sport.
Members will be informed on schedules and procedures, range opening times and range rules accordingly.

With immediate effect MAAC will shift all activities and equipment t0 Hal Far.
MAAC will no longer be responsible for any airgun activities or airgun shooters that will be present at VSR. Any air rifle shooters shooting at VSR are under direct VSR management responsibility and conditions as soon as we implement the move and our term of payment expires.

MAAC members meeting point will be the Hal Far Shooting range once this is announced officially by MAAC.

We will keep you posted....