Thursday, October 7, 2010

FT & BR combined competition - Sunday 14th November 2010

Dear Members

We are pleased to announce that MAAC will organize and FT & BR combined competition on Sunday 14th November 2010. This will allow sufficient time for you to plan and dedicate this day for this competition.

As you all know currently we cannot organize competitions at VSR due to the restricted space. Hence the committee is doing it's out most to try and keep you active. This competition also serves to show Hal-Far Range committe the activities and the sport which we as MAAC members have at heart. I urgue you to participate its very important for the club not for the medals or the trophies. Please give this a tought.

The competition will be composed of two air rifle disciplines.
40 FT targets with WFTF regulations - distance 10 - 50 meters and 1 BR (ERABSF) score card @ 25meters.

The shooters must possess a TS-B license and be members of MAAC.
They can start to register from 07:00 till 07:40
Kick off time 08:00

See you there.
Stanley Shaw
MAAC Chairman

Note : FT is open (Spring & PCP) . BR is open @ 25 m (spring or PCP).
One entry per discipline.
The total score FT + BR will determine the top 3 shooters in this combined competition.