Friday, May 14, 2010

MAAC - Activity Calendar 2011

Fellow members our 2010 schedule of events is now coming to an end. The last 3 activities scheduled for 2010 are the following.


All these events are Benchrest and I remind you that the scores in the nationals will be sent to the UK BR 22 postal for 2010.

MAAC air rifle section already agreed and launched the activity schedule for 2011 so as to inform you of what to expect in the coming season. MAAC Airrifle section have prepared an interesting format for 2011 with some radical changes which will be explained below.

Field Target
In 2010/2011 Season MAAC will organize 6 X FT OPENS and a 2 DAY FT Nationals.
As you all know MAAC is committed to carry on participating in the WFTF World Championships hence we need to select the best shooters to send abroad also in 2011.

The selection for 2011 WFTF WC will be based as follows.
The best 4 performances out of the 6 FT opens will be considered as part of the final score for the selections. The 2 Day FT Nationals will be compulsory for the shooters who want to attempt qualification for the WFTF 2011 WC. The ranking will be based upon the scores of 4 FT Open and 2 FT Nationals. This means that each shooter will be judged on a total of 300 shots spread out during the season. (50 shots will be each match in 2010/2011 season.)

Still there will be categories and prizes for local championships but still there will be MQS for WFTF Qualification for the 12ftlbs PCP and Spring Categories but this will be explained later.

Dates - FT Open
1. 26th September 2010
2. 31st October 2010
3. 28th November 2010
4. 12th December 2010
5. 30th January 2011
6. 27th February 2011
7. 27th March 2011
Dates FT Nationals.
8. FT Nationals 1st Round 16th April 2011
9. FT Nationals 2nd Round 17th April 2011

Field Target Competitions Dedicated for Beginners.
The MAAC air rifle sub committee urged the request to introduce SPECIAL events for those members who are either beginners or not regular practicing members during the 2010/2011 season. In these events club members who participated in International events will not be allowed to participate as competitors but agreed to marshal and coach the other members. The aim of this initiative is to generate more interest in those members and input the sense of competition.

Dates - Special FT Match
1. 10th February 2011
2. 31st March 2011

HFT (Hunter Field Target)
In 2010/2011 Season MAAC will organize 3 X HFT OPENS and a 2 DAY HFT Nationals.
MAAC will be participating in the 2011 WHFTA Worlds in Kelmarsh (April) officially.
The 3 X HFT Open events will be taking place before the WHFTA Worlds and ALL 3 Match scores serve to qualify the shooters competing for for this event.

For local championship in HFT a 2 DAY HFT Nationals will be held in May 2011. The best 2 scores in the HFT Opens plus the scores from the HFT Nationals will dictate the Local HFT championship winners. The WHFTA selection will be base on 90 targets and the Nationals on 120 targets. ( 30 targets per HFT match)

We expect to see HFT Shooters from ABROAD during 2011 as we had several requests and now we are about to inform and invite them to join us.

Dates HFT Open.
1. 14th November 2010
2. 9th January 2011
3. 13th February 2011
Dates HFT Nationals.
4. HFT Nationals Round 1 14th May 2011
5. HFT Nationals Round 2 15th May 2011

BR ( Bench Rest )
During 2010/2011 Season we will conduct 3 BR open events and a 2 Day BR Nationals event.
There will be no selection for BR in 2010/2011 season only a local championship and participation in UKBR22 postals or other postals that will be announced later.

The best out of 2 BR open events are selected for final score of the local BR championship.
The 2 Day BR Nationals is compulsary for the championship.
In BR open 1 X ERABSF 25 meter card will be shot.
In BR Nationals 3 X ERABSF Cards will be shot per round.

Dates BR Open
1. 17th October 2010
2. 8th December 2010
3. 13th March 2011
Dates BR Nationals.
4. BR Nationals Round 1 28th May 2011
5. BR Nationals Round 2 29th May 2011