Tuesday, April 6, 2010

MAAC new Investments for the Club

Gents your membership fee and attendance fees are there to provide the members with the necessities required to improve our shooting skills and the quality of our activities.

This month the MAAC Committee decided the release the following investments plus additional maintenance to existing equipment.

10 X New FT Targets with Reducer plates.

4 X New Wooden standard benches for Bench Rest.

8 X Stools for Wooden Benches

4 X new Wooden tops for the metal benches

30 X Shooting Timers for FT / HFT

8 X Metal Target Support Stands for BR

We expect the delivery of these items within the coming weeks prior to the Nationals in BR and FT.

I would like to thank also those members who gave their time as service to the club to provide the required maintenance on the existing equipment to reduce the cost for the club.

Stanley Shaw
MAAC Chairman