Sunday, April 25, 2010

MAAC Benchrest - 25th April 2010 - Resutls.

As planned a BR event was conducted today Sunday 25th April 2010 at the VSR tal- Handaq.
Two classes were performed today as there was a slight change in the program.
1. Two Cards* for PCP open classs ( both <15ftlbs>15ftlbs ) @ 25 meters.
2. Springer Class 1 card* @ 15 meters.*Each card carries a maximum of 250 - 25X points.

Windconditions were as follows. 9 to 10 knots variation fro W to NNW.
In the PCP Open class the top 3 shooters had the following scores. ( 500 - 25X Max)
1st David Giardina with 472 - 10X

2nd Stanley Shaw with 447 - 3X

3rd Wayne Galea with 444 - 3X
In the Spring BR class the top 3 shooters were the following. (250-25X Max)
1st Stanley Shaw 234 - 4X
2nd David Giardina 218 - 3X
3rd Rene Scorfna 217 - 1X

The Open Class the top X shooters were also awarded.
1st Top X David Giardina 10x

2nd Top X Nazzareno Scorfna 7x

3rd Top X Ray Scerri 6x