Thursday, January 21, 2010

MAAC 1st AGM- Saturday 30th January 2010

Dear MAAC Members,

We shall be holding our first AGM on Saturday, 30th January 2010.

The first EGM will start at 1330 hours sharp at the AACTS HQ in San

The agenda for this EGM is as follows:

* Elect three members for MAAC Chairman , MAAC Secretary and MAAC
Treasurer (Administrative Committee)
* Elect MAAC-Airsoft Committee

* Elect MAAC-Air Section Work Group ( 5 members )

Only members who would have renewed their membership for the current
year are eligible to vote in the AGM.

This is our first AGM Nominations are accepted during the AGM till the
time given by the AGM speaker.


a. MAAC Statue new proposals to emend in other EGM session.
b. Out Going President's address.
c. Administrative report by the Secretary;
d. Financial report by the Treasurer;
e. Activity Planning and International Events for 2010
f. Resignation of Committee
g. Election
h. Other Matters.


James Bugeja
MAAC Secretary.