Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Malta Allied Airgunners Club is now the official Responsible Governing Body that represents WFTF ( World Field Target Federation) in Malta. MAAC thanks Mr. Johan Janssen for the effort to help emend the WFTF constitution. MAAC would like to thank all the countries that voted in favour of our application. MAAC would also like to thank AMACS the former NGB for WFTF for their YES vote in favour of our request to WFTF. Now that MAAC is responsible offically for FT in Malta we have more courage to work for the growth of FT, especially after the Worlds experience in South Africa.MAAC Chairman Mr.Stanley Shaw presenting a Maltese Knight Trophy to SAFTAA President Mr. Johan Jansen during the WFTF World 2009 award ceremony.

The first priority is to set standards, this means taking the basic core rules and integrate into a national FT rule book. This how WFTF member countries do. Set up their own standards incorporating the basic core rules. We will follow to certain extent the SAFTAA core rules.

The second priority is to start asap with FT competitions. There will be two types of FT competitions for the 2009-2010 season. FT for everyone and a National FT league with Full FT regulations. These competitions will be open to any Target Shooter B (airgun) holder from any club or association.

Details to be released soon. Keep tuned in.

Below is the email sent by Mr. Johan Jansen on 19/09/2009

Dear RGB’s

Thank you very much for your quick response to the call for votes on the MAAC’s application for membership of the WFTF. We received thirteen YES votes within four days (and none against). Please note that Malta’s existing RGB, AMACS, also supported this application – such a positive attitude can only promise a good future for FT in Malta, and we commend them on their decision to do so.

The WFTF therefore welcomes the MAAC as the newest member of our Federation. We trust that this relationship will last for a long time and be beneficial to all parties.

Kind regards,

Johan Jansen.

Chairman: SAFTAA and WFTF.