Tuesday, May 12, 2009

NEW - MAAC FT Summer League 2009 - Starting Sunday 17th May 2009

During the summer months of June, July, August and September the MAAC sports commission decided to introduce a special FT Summer League. All those interested may contact MAAC officials for further information. Please note that the league will not disrupt with normal training sessions at VSR as the activity will take place in a dedicate area. Other shooters that decide not to take part in this league will still have area to practice as usual.

Dates and time schedule is as follows:
Sunday 17th May - VSR starting @ 8.30am
Sunday 31st May - VSR starting @ 8.00am.
Sunday 7th June - VSR Starting @ 8.00am.
Sunday 28th June - VSR Starting @ 8.00am.
Friday 10th July - VSR Starting @ 7.00pm
Friday 24th July - VSR Starting @ 7.00pm
Friday 7th Aug - VSR Starting @ 7.00pm
Friday 28th Aug - VSR Starting @ 7.00pm
Friday 11th Sep - VSR Starting @ 7.00pm
Sunday 20th Sep - VSR Starting @ 8.00am

Number of targets 50 - 30% (15) positional. Positional shots in all 3 rounds.
Round 1 - 1 shot per target according score sheet..
Round 2 - 2 shots per target according score sheet.
Round 3 - 2 shots per target according score sheet.

Total number of Matches 10.
Starting from 17th May 2009 till 20th September 2009 ending 20th September 2009.

Air rifles PCP & Recoil under 12ftlbs - Same air rifle to be used through out league.
Caliber 0.177 - 0.20 and 0.22 allowed.
Targets will be placed at random from 10 - 50 m
Reducers will be introduced as the matches progress.
The final score is your average score according to accumulated points and number of participation (hence if one miss there is no effect). Scoring FT style Knockdown 1 point - Face Plate or miss 0 points.
Minimum participation entries to qualify for awards is 7 out of 10 matches.
Awards Trophies will be given to the top 5 shooters on the final match 20th September 2009.
All other shooters will get a participation gift.

Matches on Sundays will start at 8.00am except 17th May which will start at 8.30am.
Matches during the week will be conducted on Friday evenings and will start at 7.00pm sharp.
Entry Fee is Euro 3 per match.

Keep tuned this summer : )