Friday, March 6, 2009


Below are the stages being set up for next weekend steel plate challenge.
This is the first Steel Plate Challenge for 2009 hence two new rules will be enforced from this match:

a. Shooters that have no holster will start with pistol on table on their left or right side according to the strong hand and with both hands on head.

b. Shooters with multi shot magazines capacity of 10+ pellets must load a maximum of only 10 pellets per magazine. If a shooter does not have other magazine and wishes to load more then 10 pellets or BB's in the magazine he will given a penalty of 3.5 seconds for every 10 pellets or BB. The 3.5 sec /10 pellets or BB will be added to his string time irrespective of using the pellets or BB's.

See you next sunday....