Tuesday, February 3, 2009

MAAC Sports Commission Announcment - Qualification for 1st World Air Rifle BR Postal.

The MAAC AG Sports commission together with the ERABSF-WRABSF delegates for Malta decided to review the results obtained for the qualifications of Sunday 1st February 2009. Whilst confirming the ranking and selections obtained, the commission reviewed the results obtained by our Junior Shooter Carlos Scorfna.

In previous editions of MAAC BR events Carlos always obtained good scores and on two occasions he was among the top 3 shooters. Carlos obtained a score of 181 last Sunday but his chronograph test revealed that his equipment was shooting an 8 grain pellet at 8ftlbs. Carlos did not adjust or power up to under 15ftlb and re-chronographed the equipment, he attempted his card. Scoring 181 with the weather conditions as experienced last Sunday is not an easy task.

Considering the fact that Carlos is one of our competitive juniors, was in the top 3 shooters on two occasion in 2008 and attempted the competition with an 8ftlb rifle and scoring 181 in such conditions, it was decided that Carlos must be included in the list of shooters competing in the 1st World Air Rifle Bench Rest Postal Competition.
Carlos will shoot with the individual shooters. Hence the selection is as follows:

Team A

Wayne Galea.
Dr. Mario Spiteri
David Giardina

Team B
Ruth Gauci
Kris Debattista
Gordon Gouder

Team C
Danny Gatt
Rene Scorfna
Stanley Shaw

Dr. Paul Soler
Eric Camilleri
James Bugeja
Anton Grima
Robert Aquilina
Carlos Scorfna.

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