Monday, February 2, 2009

1st Feb 2009 - ARBR Selections and Grading.

The printed results of yesterdays ARBR event can be found in the results page in the grading section. The match report will be written later on by our PRO. In the mean time I announce that the selection of shooters for the 1st World Air Rifle Bench Rest Postal Competition that will represent Malta and MAAC have been selected from yesterdays results and selection criteria as posted here in this web site.

Malta will be represented by 14 shooters in this postal. Nine shooters will form up three teams and five individual shooters. The top 9 shooters in the Sporter Class <15ftlbs style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);" size="4">

Team A
Wayne Galea.
Dr. Mario Spiteri
David Giardina

Team B
Ruth Gauci
Kris Debattista
Gordon Gouder

Team C
Danny Gatt
Rene Scorfna
Stanley Shaw

The individual shooters scoring +200 points were selected from both Sporter <15ftlba>15ftlbs of yesterday Match. These are:

Dr. Paul Soler
Eric Camilleri
James Bugeja
Anton Grima
Robert Aquilina
Carlos Scorfna.

All these shooters will shoot on an anounced date an aggregate shot later on in May 2009.
The team scores and individual scores will be posted to the host S.Africa for this competition.
For the time being the following countries have registered to this 1st World Air Rifle Bench Rest Postal Competition : United Kingdom, Republic of South Africa, Malta, USA, Russia and Czech Republic others are expected to confirm soon. The shooters will be contacted by MAAC soonest.

Thanks to all the members that participated and 100% collaborated in yesterdays event. Despite the weather conditions all went smooth.

Best Regards
Stanley Shaw