Sunday, January 25, 2009

Next Sunday 1st February 2009 - Air Rifle Bench Rest.

Next Sunday we will start our local 2009 Air Rifle Bench Rest season. I hope that we will not encounter the same wind conditions as we had during this weekend, however as you all know Bench Rest is a wind game, some wind is always welcome during Bench Rest. As you all know a slight moderate breeze that changes direction can make the difference between a 10 and a 10X.

May I remind you that next Sunday there will be the Sporter Class (under 15ftlbs) and the Unlimited Class (over 15ftlbs) as separate categories. Both will shoot @ 25m on the 25m ERABSF score cards. MAAC members are entitled to enter both classes or with two different air rifles in the same class.

As a drive to apply full 100% ERABSF regulations please not that:
So be care full with the amount of sighters you shoot and study your shots.

All the competitors shooting next Sunday are reminded that there will be NO zeroing time allowed before the match. You must zero, fine tune and shoot the scoring targets within your 30 minutes. Anyone who wants to zero this sights must do it on the day during his match time that is part of the game.

Next Sunday you as an MAAC member have a double challenge. Apart from trying to win your class for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions you will be also shooting for a selection to compete for MALTA in the 1st Air Rifle Bench Rest World Postal Championship hosted by Free State Benchrest Shooting Association of South Africa. The top 9 shooters from the Sporter class will be selected for the 3 teams. Shooters who score more the 200 points in any class will be selected by MAAC to shoot the worlds postal championship as individuals. These postals will be shoot at a later date, independent from the MAAC Activity Planner. Details for these postals will be issued later.

Steyr Sportwaffen Austria has generously agreed to support this international event and supply all medals and awards.

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