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Special Competition - Sunday 14th December 2008

On special request MAAC will be setting up an additional competition for 2008. This was not in our original planning for 2008. This special event will be dedicated to Spring and Gas Ram Air Rifles Only. The suggestion was an FT event for Spring air rifles. However we want to give you a different challenge. Thus instead of the usual FT set up I decided to have an HFT (Hunter Field Target) set up. The rules are those from HFT except the scoring in HFT, knocking the target scores 2 points, hitting the face plate scores 1 point and missing scores 0. We have discussed before a score on a face plate and there was disagreement about it. So in our HFT knocking down the target scores 1 point . Hitting the face plate or missing the target scores 0. Later on there will be official rules for MAAC HFT as these will need to be officialized and fine tuned by the MAAC Airgun Sports Commission. Below are the rules for the event that will be taking place on the 14th December 2008. The competition is open to all Target Shooters - B license holders. Shooters must register their entry before 8.00am. The competition starts at 8.30am.

NOTE: Please read these rules.

See you at the event.


Hunter Field Target style has become increasingly popular over the last few years. The Rules and course are such that High tech and expensive Equipment Does not offer Advantages. This levels the playing field for basic spring guns of any caliber and low fixed magnification scopes. Also the Ranges used are a normally a lot shorter than FT.

1. Basic outline of the Rules.

1.1 NO Scope adjustment AT ALL whilst shooting the Competition

This means you have to set your Magnification and Parallax Distance before you take your first shot. This doesn't exclude any scope at all but does force the use of low magnification. 10x is about the maximum that is of any use, and 3x, 4x & 6x are popular. Fixing of magnification & parallax is allowed before the start. Also means that no range finding can be done other that bracketing or by eye. So expensive high magnification scopes are not an advantage but you can use them.

1.2 Only Spring Air Rifles and Gas Rams are allowed in this activity.


No bipods, or add on's to the stock to increase depth are allowed to be used (Custom Stocks are allowed). The Field Target bean bag is only allowed to support the body if needed (i.e. no using as a sand bag for prone shots).

1.4 Firing point is a lane number post that can be in the ground or fixed to an object (for example a Tree).

The Post must be touched by some part of the body/Rifle as the shot is taken. Any position is allowed including resting the Rifle/body on anything available with in reach and sitting on logs etc is allowed.

1.5 Targets are Normal Field Targets fall when Hit with 40mm hit Zones

These will be placed at any distance from 10 meters to a maximum Distance must not exceed 40m and each target can be obscured by 50%. Scoring is 1 point for a knocking down the target, hitting the metal face plate or missing the target scores 0. The course has 30 shots distributed on 10 lanes where each target is shot three times from 3 different positions in succession with one shot per target. Targets can be on flats, depressions and elevations (such as on tree tops).

1.6 All other MAAC safety rules and range procedures apply as for MAAC FT.

1.7 Rifle Class and Handicap Points.

Not applicable this special event is for spring and gas rams only.

2. HFT activity procedure,

2.1 The shooters must register within the allocated time.

2.2 Each pair of shooters are given a number and a score sheet each.

2.3 HFT is not designed like FT. The course layout is not a static one. The Shooters will be grouped in pairs and they will walk the course called the shooting area. During their walk the air rifle must NOT be loaded with a magazine nor pellets, and the rifle must be on safe. Gun handling is of great importance. The course is separated by a marker tape from the visitor area.

2.4 The rifles are inspected by a Range Officer prior to leaving the shooting area and can be inspected at any point during the course. If the rifle is loaded with magazine or pellets during the walk or while waiting until it is time for the shooter to shoot his round the shooter and his buddy disqualified for the infringement. This also applies if the Range Officer notices that the locking tape on the focus rings or magnification rings has been tampered with.

2.5 The Range Officer will send the buddy groups at different intervals. As a standard the Range Officer will send the 2nd buddy group once the 1st buddy group reaches the 2nd Lane and so on.

2.6 Along the course the buddy group will encounter the lane markers numbered from 1 till 10. When they find a marker one shooter attempts to shoot the target for 3 times with a different position for each shot according to his or her preference. The buddy shooter will mark the score sheet with a hit or miss. Then the second shooter will attempt the same targets with the same conditions while the other shooter marks his score.

2.7 A shot taken unloaded is a shot taken and scores 0.

2.8 Once the shooters complete their lane, then they proceed to the next marker until they finish the course. When they finish the course they hand over their score sheet to the Official Counting Marshal and show locks on focus ring and magnification ring integrity to the Range Officer.

3. Special notes for HFT.

3.1 As you can see from HFT regulation the competitors are not constantly supervised by Range Conducting Officer (RCO) or a Safety Officer (SO) or a Counting Marshal (CM). The shooters themselves must act as a RCO, SO and CM to each other.

3.2 Official RCO,SO and CM will be supervising the course at a distance and with spot checks if necessary. If any infringement is reported disqualification will be applied to the pair of shooters.

3.3 The RCO and SO can inspect the air rifle at any point in the course for loaded pellets, magazines loaded during the walk etc. RSO, SO and CM can also note and disqualify one or both shooters for infringement of the Basic rules and gun handling rules. The RCO decision is final if there are disputes.

3.4 Shooter with slings must carry the air rifle pointing to the ground. Shooter without slings may carry the rifle pointing to the ground. Break barrel shooter can carry the rifles with open barrel. All rifles must be unload from pellets or magazines until on the lane ready to shoot.

3.5 Bi-Pods cannot be used open at any point of the course.

3.6 The shooting positions are sitting, kneeling, standing and prone. The same conditions apply as for FT.

3.7 The kneeling position must be a 3 pointer.

3.8 The sitting position can be even on a bolder or anything available in the area but the back cannot be supported.

3.9 A bean bag and or mat can be used and carried by the buddy group during the course.

3.10 The course is out door and will take effect in all types of weather, basically as the name apply it simulates hunting.

4. HFT Regulations.

4.1 MAAC has the right to change or modify MAAC HFT rules without prior notice.

4.2 MAAC HFT Regulations is property of MAAC.

4.3 MAAC HFT falls under the direction of the MAAC ARFT Rep and the Sports Commission.


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