Sunday, November 2, 2008

MAAC Projects.

The MAAC Sports commission is working on several projects.
All MAAC club members will benefit from these project - hopefully from this year.

The projects are the following.

a. The construction of 4 X new Bench Rest Benches. (Work to start a.s.a.p).

b. The construction of 8 X Field Target Heavy Duty Practice metal spinners that will be permanently set up in the range. (Design Stage - project will start soon as target design finalized).

c. Purchasing of electronic action pistol timers and stop plates that will automatically stop your time on the last hit to be used in Steel Plate and Air Pistol Dynamic Shooting. ( We are awaiting the first of 3 units from Germany next week - 2 more units will be purchases later).

All of this is possible because of your support.
And the dedication of the Sports Commission members.