Friday, October 17, 2008

Air Pistol enthusiasts - YOU ARE GONNA' LOVE THIS!

MAAC is preparing for to launch another air pistol shooting event in it portfolio.
We are 300% certain that the event will be a great attraction to all those Air Pistol Shooters that are fond of IDPA or IPSC. This is not IPSC nor IDPA. It is a complete new dynamic shooting system with rules based on the 4 universal rules of safe gun handling.

> A gun is always considered loaded.
> Never point a gun towards anything you do not want to shoot.
> Know your target and your surroundings.
> Finger off the trigger if not ready to fire.

This system is designed for the following air pistols.
CO2 Air Pistols or Revolvers with 8 or 10 round drum magazines.(Cal 0.177 air gun pellet)
CO2 Air Pistols with a + 10 rounds magazine. (Cal 0.177 air gun pellet or Steel BB)
Airsoft Gas Blow Back Pistols (Cal 6mm)
Airsoft Gas Non Blow Back Pistols (Cal 6mm)

ALL pistols must be SA, DA-SA, or DAO and must include a working safety lever or trigger safe mechanism. NO SINGLE SHOT PISTOLS.
(Single action, Doulbe action - single action, Double Action Only)

The name of the game is Air Pistol Dynamic Shooting (APDS).
Your goal is to resolve a Course of Fire in the least possible time, with the best score and with no penalties. Currently we have a team of persons vatting the APDS regulations to make sure all is ready to go. Once the rules are approved MAAC will advertize and conduct an APDS Information Course for all those air pistol entusiast who aim to take part in MAAC - APDS. The course will be followed by APDS qualifier sessions. When you feel comfortable with qualifier drills then you will conduct you personal qualifier. This means that all of you who want to start taking part in MAAC - APDS matches must surpass this qualifier. MAAC will also be setting up an Range Officer level 1 course for ADPS qualified shooters later on this year.

APDS is also designed to expand, but that is something that will be done later.....
Interested ? Keep an eye on our website for news about APDS. We aim to provide the course and start with the qualifiers end weekl of November and December 2008. In 2009 APDS will start in open competition format. With Air Pistol Steel Plate Chellange and Air Pistol Dynamic Shooting, MAAC members will have a XLATA of fast action pistol activites.

NOTE: MAAC will not forget the owners of single shot pistols - something is in the pipeline for these shooter as well - exclusively for them.