Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Malta Allied Airgunners Club - Project Investment for 2008

Dear MAAC Member,

The only way forward for our sport to grow is for us to invest in the required equipment for our shooting sport. The Malta Allied Airgunners Club needs to invest in more equipment. We cannot wait either for sponsors to pop up nor any other sort of help. We cannot also wait until the club generates enough funds to be able to perform such investments. If we had to wait for this we will never make any progress. MAAC priority current priority is to invest in 6 new benches for Benchrest Shooting discipline. The benches will be built according to the European Rimfire and Airrifle Benchrest Shooting Federation (ERABSF) standards, and will compliment the other 4 benches (old design) we already have. This will leave us with a total of 10 benchest which should be suitable for our immediate needs in 2009.

The project financing will be carried out as follows. The MAAC Sports Commission is currently taking care of obtaining the necessary quotes for the required materials needed for the construction of these 6 benches. The benches are less complex then the current ones we have, hence can be constructed by our members of the MAAC Sport Commission themself. We are opening up a loan fund to finance the project.

The club is thus ask YOU as MAAC members to loan the club a sum of money (max Euro 50) to finance this project. The members loaning the money to the club will be given a recipt as a proof. The club will pay back the loans to each member without interest by end 2009. If we could pay interest, we would be more then happy to do so. However realisticly each and every member knows that it is not possible to do so at least at this early stage.

If any of you members, wishes to donate any ammount instead of loaning, this is more then warmly welcomed. In fact we already have some members that donated money for this project. Every member is free to decide, if to loan or donate any ammount he/she can afford. If one is loading preferably he/she loans Euro 50. MAAC does not force any MAAC member to loan or donate. It up to YOU to decide. We know that your needs are our needs, so if you can, please help us reach our goal.

For more information or for depositing your loan or donation please contact David Giardina our MAAC Teasurer who is co-ordinating this project. Any additional money loaned or donated above the quote price will be invested in additional equipment in 2009. We would like to complete this project by end December 2009 so your cooperation is welcomed.

Thanks and best regards.
Stanley Shaw
Chairman MAAC.