Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Fellow airgun enthusiasts,

As you all know the Club Committee members of MASC (Malta Airgunners Shooting Club), had no alternative but to resign. They had every right to do so, after all we do live in a free and democratic country and such decisions should be accepted by every self respected person. Besides, most if not all active members have shown full support towards all former MASC committee members especially after all the hard work done by them and achievements accomplished in such a short period of time. Even though initially this came as a shock to us airgunners, myself included, these same persons did not give up on their quest for a real independent and democratic airgun shooting club. All this is past and now we look ahead.

If you thought that airgunning here in Malta was over after such turmoil in MASC, the situation happens to be quite the opposite. A lot of work was being done behind the scenes by the former members of the MASC Committee since their resignations for the formation of a new independent and democratic airgunning club for us airgunners. This has been finally accomplished with the formation of MAAC (Malta Allied Airgunners Club) and the launching of the new MAAC website today Tuesday the 15th July 2008 following the successful affiliations with MSSF. International affiliations are also on the way and more details will be communicated to you on our website and on this forum in the very near future. MAAC will now submit an application for an official Target Shooting Club Licence.As from next September, competitions are to resume once again at the Victoria Shooting Range under the new name of MAAC and no one will be denied the opportunity to compete. For 2009 a full season of competitions in different disciplines are being planned by the MAAC Sporting Commission.

I hereby invite all airgunners to check out our new website http://www.malta-maac.blogspot.com/ and join MAAC. All those interested in joining or need to ask any questions on any query they might have can send us an email on the following address maacmalta@gmail.com. We have done all that is possible so as to keep our and your passion for airgunning alive, the rest is now all up to you.

Thanks and best regards
Kris Debattista
Malta Allied Airgunners Club
PO Box 38

Email - maacmalta@gmail.com
Website - http://www.malta-maac.blogspot.com/